Thursday, May 23, 2024

Malesu wants BNOC top post

Botswana National Olympic Committee presidential candidate Ookeditse Malesu is standing for the upcoming BNOC elections to realign sport.

He noticed that sport is played in a haphazard way hence the minimal achievements.

“We need to have systems and policies in place that direct administrators on how they should do their operations to achieve success,” he said.

Malesu, who is standing for the second time for the position of BNOC presidency elections, aspires to use his passion to transform sport landscape in the country.

Asked if he does not fear to be rejected by sport leaders once again he said: “I am not doing this for fun. I am standing because I have to give back to my country through volunteering my expertise. I believe I have all the qualities to lead and if delegates feel otherwise, I will not cry. I am a sport person and I will continue to be available for sport.”

He has eight agenda points that he is banking on BNOC candidates to make him president.

“In the coming Olympic games, I want local athletes to bring home four Olympic medals, 8 Commonwealth medals for Commonwealth games and two medals for Beach games,” he said.

He said it is possible to achieve that because he is going to put systems in place that will enable sport people to commit and work towards achieving set targets.

Malesu said he is going to develop high performance policy because ‘what is happening is very subjective.’ “The policy will be clear and operations will be smooth. The systems will be in place and linkages between stakeholders will be clear and tracing athletes will be easy. The link between BOPSA and BOTESSA as an example has to be clear and they also have to work together for optimum results,” he said.

The other thing Malesu wants to do once elected into office is to build four high performance centres for sport across the country.

“The centres will be equipped properly and well resourced. The centres of excellence across the country need to be resourced and foster partnerships with institutions across the country so that sport is plated across the country not just one region with resources. For us to grow all centers across the country will be equally resourced and taken care of,” he said.

Malesu will also bid to host qualifying events for Commonwealth and Olympic games. “Hosting games is in line with the Botswana National Sport Commission vision. Once we host the major events it will boost the economy and empower local sport administrators,” he says.

He is of the view that once local sport administrators seat in international committees it will be easy for them to lobby their colleagues to support the bid to host. He observed that lately President Masisi wants Botswana to be the hub of hosting events and sport should also not be left behind.

The other thing that Malesu wants to see is for sport to have value. He said TV rights will be sold to broadcasters.

“All over the world sport makes money through TV rights. We are going to make sure all sport codes whenever their events are aired get value for that,” he said.


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