Sunday, May 22, 2022

Man killed, another fighting for life in hospital after attack

A Security Systems Guard from Lecheng Village was attacked and killed by armed criminals while a Chinese national is fighting for his life at the Princess Marina Hospital.

The two are allegedly victims of a brutal attack in the Gaborone North residential area.

“Police are investigating an incident in which a security guard was killed while two other men sustained injuries after they were attacked,” said Police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Christopher Mbulawa.

He said about five suspects were arrested in less than twelve hours after the incident and they are expected to appear before the courts of law.

“A number of items were reported stolen during the attack but I cannot discuss that because they will form part of our evidence before court,” he said.

Mbulawa applauded the Security System as well as the residents of Gaborone North for the assistance that led to the arrest of the suspects.

Speaking to Sunday Standard, Security System manager, Titus Mudongo, confirmed that one of his company’s employees, who was posted at Gaborone North, was indeed attacked and killed by a group of men while on duty.

“At around seven in the evening, our security guard was sitting by the fire at his post with another individual when a group of about five men suddenly emerged from nowhere and attacked the two.”

Mudongo said the security guard was allegedly hit on the head with an iron rod, collapsing and falling into the fire, adding that the other individual that he was with tried to escape the gang but unfortunately the attackers managed to capture him.

He reported that the gang eventually removed the security guard from the fire. He had suffered severe burns but they were tied up together.

Mudongo further stated that the attackers went after the Chinese national and robbed him of his belongs, including cash amounting to around P20 000.

Mudongo said that as soon as he heard about the attack, he dispatched a team of about 18 men to track the suspects whose foot prints led them to Oodi Village where four suspects were found.

He added that they arrested the four suspects and recovered part of the items that had been stolen during the attack as well as cash amounting to P15 000.

Mudongo, however, expressed disappointment about the conduct of the police in this matter.
“The police were informed about the incident but they took a very long time to come to the crime scene. Fortunately, Security System guards are skilled in tracking suspects and that became a success even though a life had been lost.”

He recalled a similar incident in Phase 4 of a former St Joseph’s College student who was attacked and murdered and the Security System guards were the first to arrest the suspect who was hiding in the ceiling.

The chairman of the Botswana Security Association, Gaolatlhe Mudongo, said he was informed about the killing of the security guard.

“The Association is worried about such senseless killings of security guards as well as the recent wave of armed robberies around the capital city,” he said, adding that to address such issues, the association is currently in discussions with relevant authorities to see how they could be assisted as security companies.”

He stated that there are a number of suggestions that some members of the association want to propose to the government and these include allowing security companies to use blank or rubber bullets.

“I know this is a debatable issue and sensitive but something should be done and we have to reach a solution on what exactly could be the best measure,” he said.

He also expressed displeasure about the police conduct, alleging that a few days earlier, one of his guards was attacked by unknown culprits but the police failed to follow the lead.

“If the police could have acted on time, they could have arrested these suspects before they took somebody’s life.”

He urged the public to take action and actively participate in neighbourhood watch initiatives as they have a positive impact on fighting crime.

He appealed to the business community to desist from keeping huge amounts of money inside their homes as this tempts criminals.


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