Thursday, July 18, 2024

Management interference cited as Paul’s departure from Notwane looms

The Godfrey Mowaneng

The impending departure of Notwane gaffer Keitumetse ‘Pio’ Paul is allegedly said to be due to the constant meddling and interference in the team selection by team management.

The BTC Premiership giants have since sidelined Paul citing financial constraints affecting the club. Sunday Standard investigations have unearthed that prior to his sidelining, the club’s top brass had allegedly attempted to influence match day selections in their recent games, a move which the no nonsense Paul defied.

With attempts to meddle with team selection having failed and the club having no way to get rid of Paul,it is alleged that Notwane hierarchy then resorted to slashing the gaffer’s salary narrating financial constraints. It has been passed to Sunday Standard that the move was allegedly made to frustrate the coach to resign.

However, sources have indicated that Paul is not willing to take a pay cut and will not resign from a two years contract that was agreed on 1st August 2018.

In a letter penned to the coach on 5th November 2018, the club indicates that ‘’In the light of the team’s precarious position, we therefore place the hereunder options; that you take a reduced P9, 000.00 which will be inclusive of tax and daily transportation. This will effect November 2018, if accepted.”

The letter then goes on to state that “in the alternative to the above, your contract of the employment be terminated in the terms of the Clause 8 of the contract. In that event the team shall pay your November2018 salary in lieu of notice and also update all aforestated payments”.

While the club hints to have had consultative meetings with Paul concerning the financial status of the club, the gaffer has since denied any knowledge of such a meeting in a letter dated 8th November 2018.

In his response, Paul said “however as indicated in the preceding paragraphs and owing to lack of consultation by yourself on the option, I am not comfortable with either and I humbly think the options are calculated to constructively dismiss myself in the circumstances I urge yourself and I to properly consult before taking any proposal to the next level.”

Paul went on to opine that the club was trying to fire him, saying “I wish to state that I verily believe that the option placed herein is tantamount to constructive dismissal. Further I opine and indeed advise that there has not been proper and adequate consultation regarding this option”.

The letter written by Paul copied to both the Botswana Premier League (BPL) and Commissioner of Labour and Social Security also states that Nowane has breached contract for failing to pay outstanding dues.

“As rightly pointed out by yourself acknowledging outstanding payment, the amounts stated are indeed owed, due and payable to me by yourself. Notwithstanding your explanation hereof and my appreciation thereof, you are nonetheless in breach of contract, particularly clause relating to remuneration,” reads the letter.


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