Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Manslaughter convict fractures reveler’s leg for gate-crashing party

A Botswana power corporation employee who has a previous conviction of manslaughter flew off the handle and fractured a reveler’s leg for gate crashing his party.

Prince Natshane, 38, was on Thursday slapped with a suspended sentence for causing grievous bodily harm. Extension II Principal Magistrate, Dumsile Faith Dlamini-Ng’andu, sentenced Natshane to five strokes on the bum and to an additional two years imprisonment, wholly suspended for a period of two years, on condition that Natshane does not commit similar offences during the period.

Delivering the sentence, Ng’andu said the court had taken into account the extenuating circumstances and had noted the accused’s mitigation factors but added that the court would not tolerate acts of violence against other persons.

To this end the magistrate asserted that stringent sentences must be imposed on culprits to deter them and others from committing the same offences.

“This court is strongly against the behaviour of violence against other persons. Deterrent sentences must be meted out to deter culprits or would be perpetrators from committing similar offences,” she said.

She urged Natshane to learn to control his temper, adding that she had noticed the accused had a propensity to commit serious offences as evidenced by the manslaughter offence he committed some fifteen years ago.

The magistrate advised the accused to consult with local churches or the social workers if his temper got the better of him.

“Consult with your local churches or social workers. They could be of great help to remedy your temper.”

Ng’andu pointed out that the accused had committed a serious offence whose mandatory sentence is seven years.

She, however, ordered sub inspector Mogobjwe of Urban police station to check the health condition of the accused with the local hospitals before administering the strokes.

“The certificate must be brought to my attention for perusal.”

Earlier, Natshane had told the court, “Had the complainant not come to my home uninvited for the party, such scuffle and the fractured leg could have not happened. He is the one who started the fight by slapping me and I fought back in self defence.”

“The force employed to the extent of breaking an adult bone,” the judge answered him, “was more than reasonably necessary.”


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