Thursday, June 13, 2024

“Mantlha a – Godimo”, the Organic, Didantic fertilizers of Bamalete Heritage! 

I have found it appetizing to write this article following the outrage caused from the action taken by a Gamalete Culural NGO, the (‘Maphalaole A Pitse Cultural Association’), of having to go – ahead with their intention of taking interested Bamalete tribesmen to the traditional rite of passage i.e. Bogwera initiation ceremony. I have written this article with the intention to attempt to understand the context of the outrage caused by the daring ‘Maphalaole A Pitse Cultural Association.’ I have not written this article to cause further flares on the Maphalaole A Pitse ‘matter’, nor to ridicule or rebuke those ‘professing’ to be having authority over traditional practices and cultures.

The overarching importance and value of this article is to spark further debate on the protection of indigenous cultural rights and the rights of those ‘courageous’ men trained in the traditions and customs of their forefathers. In treading into this cultural debate, I am summoning the African principles of tribal democracy and communialism, which pronounce that – “Mmua lebe o bua la gagwe, gore mo na le ntle a letswe” and/ or the “Mafoko a Kgotla a mantle otlhe” which in principles of modern democracy accurately means everyone has “the right to freedom of expression” and/ or “the freedom to form an opinion.”    

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