Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Marumo’s thoughts evolve into inspirational Agent of Change

Young Motswana Samantha Sesame Marumo launches an inspirational book for the youth. This past weekend saw her book launch the book,  Agent of change, at Cross Golds Store at Sebele Mall. 

The intimate event was a teaser to the audience on what to expect from her book by reading some extracts. Marumo who is a Scientist by profession, has proven that dreams are never too far off despite where one is currently at in life. 

She has managed to pen an inspirational book while  juggling it with being a Scientist, poet and aspiring author at the same time. “Being a Scientist was simply not enough because l knew l had something bigger within me, which l needed to share, she shares.

Unfortunately, there is not much on Botswana’s literature; there are very few Batswana who have gone on to write books. It is well known that when we research/google literature in Botswana the search is very limited or sometimes non-existent. Hence Agent of Change is not only a pivotal moment for Marumo, but for literature in Botswana as well. This book is one of a few which is paving the way for aspiring authors.

The overall concept of  Agent of Change is to serve as an inspirational book, but most importantly it targets the youth to discover or rediscover the power of their dreams and visualising them to put into action.  Agent of Change covers the essence of an individual seeking to live to their full potential. 

Marumo described the gist of her book as “a book for every young person to look within and when that spark is found to nourish what they have always been seeking”. Marumo noticed that a lot of young people, even those around her had a tendency of complaining rather than putting their whining into action. This led her towards a path of change; to rather let actions speak for themselves. “Agent of Change came at a point when l realised the importance of using my talents to change another person’s life”.

Agent of Change was a process in the making according to Miss Marumo; it was not simply written overnight. It is an accumulation of all her thoughts written down on her journal which eventually made up Agent of Change. Marumo strongly believes everybody has a story to tell and it should be written down. “Write down your thoughts and let them make sense to you”.

The young author has a very strong Christian background and admits that she had to find a middle ground when writing this book to accommodate both Christians and non-Christians. The book is already off to a promising start as the audience raved about how it was already starting to shape their lives. One audience member described it as his “passport of life”. 

This book can be purchased at Cross Golds (Sebele Centre), Botswana Book Centre (Main Mall) and Jabonyonko Art Work (Lobatse).


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