Saturday, December 9, 2023

Masimolele faces young turk Rakgare in Mogoditshane

One of the youngest youthful parliamentary candidates for 2014 General Elections, 30-year-old Chiliboy Rakgare, is expected to face competition from Botswana Democratic Party candidate, Patrick Masimolole, who won in the BDP primaries at the weekend.

Masimolole has been an MP for Mogoditshane constituency since 2004 up and he is now forced to continue to prove that Mogoditshane is a strong hold constituency for BDP.

Masimolole, who is also the Assistant Minister of Education, says he is happy with the weekened’s results but advised the BDP to rally behind him in 2014 general election.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Rakgare however said Masimolole had done nothing for the constituency and asked for Mogoditshane resident to vote him out.

Masimolole garnered 901 votes, trailed by Chester Otisitse with 642. Otisitse also lost to Masimolole in the 2008 primaries.
On the other hand, Masimolole maintained that he had done a lot for the constituency and strongly fancied his chances of winning again in 2014.

Umbrella for Democratic Change is yet to hold its last primaries for 2014 on December 7 and one of its candidate for Mogoditshane Constituency under BMD is Sedirwa Kgoroba who is unopposed.

Sedirwa said he would be dissaponted in 2014 if Mogoditshane residents voted for Masimolole when he had done nothing in terms of development in the area.

“My preparations are ongoing and I’m ready to battle it out against Masimolole who has been an area MP for 10 years but has done nothing but to grab land for himself,” said Sedirwa. Sedirwa claimed that Masimolole had only acquired land for himself instead of helping residents of Mogoditshane who are struggling to obtain residential plots.

Sedirwa said there are reports that the Assistant Minister of Education had even acquired land in front of the Botswana Defense Force when the land in question was supposed to be a buffer Zone.

Rakgare urged residents of Mogoditshane to vote for him instead as he is fresh and young with ideas which could be beneficial to them.

He says if voted in, he would fight for the land issue as well as against corruption in the country.


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