Friday, April 19, 2024

Masisi, BDP recruitment drive a hoax-Mmolotsi

The ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP)’s failure to provide a list of those who were recently welcomed with fanfare at Tsholetsa House has raised more suspicion on the ruling party recruitment drive. The opposition has since defined it as a hoax.

In an unexpected turn of events the ruling BDP was unable to reveal names of thirty nine (39) members who were welcomed at a press conference last week in their campaign to bring more to the party.

The thirty nine who the ruling party claims are opposition activists from Lobatse, Mochudi and Molepolole raised more questions about the BDP recruitment drive headed by the Vice President Mokgweetsi Masisi.

The ruling party could not provide a list of the thirty nine names of those who were paraded at the press conference when they were welcomed despite promising that they will provide a list.

Botswana Democratic Party, Communication Chairperson Fish Pabalinga failed  to produce a list of thirty nine  members alleged to be ghost opposition members despite promising that he will avail such a list. 

Pabalinga who was part of the ruling party leaders who welcomed members alleged to be from the opposition only revealed a name of one opposition member who produced Botswana National Front membership card.  

Pabalinga questioned why they were pressurized to release the names of those who were welcomed at BDP while the media never demands such list of those welcomed at opposition parties.

“There were questions about members that BDP welcomed at their rallies .We have brought them here so that you can see them but you are still demanding more. Next time we will bring their membership cards,”added Pabalinga. 

In his response, the Botswana Movement for Democracy Wynter Mmolotsi defined the recruitment drive headed by Masisi as a hoax. 

Mmolotsi indicated that the ruling party is under pressure to meet their promises since they have told Batswana using the state television that they will be welcoming new members every week. 

He indicated that the ruling party’s failure to provide the media with names shows that indeed their campaign is a hoax.  “We are aware that those who have been paraded are not our members. We know our members but it has come to our attention that those paraded by BDP are not members of the opposition, “added Mmolotsi,

According to Mmolotsi the ruling party has failed in their recruitment drive.  Mmolotsi warned that the ruling party should be aware that they cannot continue to fool Batswana by parading people alleging that they are from opposition.

He said that the strategy has not worked in the past since the opposition continues to win the bye elections despite that they use state media as a campaigning tool. 

 Mmolotsi stated that the ruling party should be aware that there are a number of prominent figures who left the BMD in the past where the party still remain stronger.


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