Monday, August 15, 2022

Masisi foils attempt to rig elections

Francistown West MP, Tshelang Masisi, and his supporters are reported to have uncovered a plan by a rival BDP faction to rig the party primary elections in the run up to the 2009 General elections.

Masisi told The Sunday Standard this week that he has proof that some of his BDP rivals have started making clandestine forays into his constituency by registering new members behind the back of the constituency and branch committees.

It is understood that Masisi and his supporters recently foiled an attempt by a rival camp to secretly register members in the Monarch East Ward without following proper party procedures.
A report has since been forwarded to the branch and regional committees who are expected to make a ruling on the complaint soon.

Monarch East Ward councilor Wilfred Masima confirmed that they have written a complaint to the branch committee but refused to comment further saying it was an internal party matter.

Northern Region Chairperson, Wynter Molotsi, confirmed receiving a copy of the complaint letter from the Monarch East Ward. He said they would take action in due course. He added that, as the regional committee, they would ensure that no party regulations are broken. He also revealed that they have instructed constituency and branch committees to report any unlawful campaigns for disciplinary action.

This is just one of the many complaints flying fast and thick in Francistown West in the run up to the 2009 elections.

The infighting that bedeviled the party after the controversial Bulela Ditswe primary election campaign are on the verge of resurfacing in the constituency as the party leadership is being accused of sitting back and taking no action against some members who flout rules and regulations by declaring their intention to contest parliamentary seats even before the BDP central committee has given the green light for campaigns. This comes after former mayor and specially elected councilor Peter Ngoma openly declared that he would challenge Masisi in the 2009 primary elections.

In 2004, Ngoma lost the seat to incumbent Masisi in a bruising primary election battle that was fought along factional lines with Ngoma being pro ‘A Team’ while Masisi is reputed to be a Barataphathi man. Masisi is also trying to fend off what is expected to be an even stronger challenge from District Commissioner Sylvia Muzila. At a recent meeting convened by Masisi at Gerald Estates, the legislator, and his right hand man, Ignatius Moswaane, challenged Muzila to resign from the civil service and jump onto the political bandwagon if she fancies any pretensions to the Francistown West constituency.

They accused Muzila of abusing her office to further her political career.


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