Monday, April 22, 2024

Matake ventures into women’s make-up domain

It’s fresh, it’s beautiful, its art. There is nothing more attractive like a woman that is dashing, beautiful and confident about her looks. It’s an art and it’s a talent.

Make-up artists are said to make magic a reality; they can make your princess the queen that you long wished for. Some people classify make-up artist as women or homosexuals, but a young man from Francistown, Thato Matake proved a lot of people wrong when ventured into the make-up industry.

Matake said his journey of becoming a make-up artist started when he was working as a hairdresser in 2011. He craved to venture into something different yet similar to his work. In 2014, he went for a make-up course and that was when he started his business. 

He has worked with TV productions and programmes like Bonwenwee and later with The Voice Babes models.

“People expect a male make-up artist to be a homosexual and when you come as a straight man they think you are not good enough. I am a perfectionist and I deal perfect stuff,” said Matake.

The passion for art at school helped to nurture his technique of applying make-up and shape perfect eye brows. 

Through Shannaz, he said he was licensed to use and being a sells agent for products brands like Kryolan and Sleek Brand.

With the breeze of fresh air, spacious and relaxing parlour, it’s really is a beauty spa. There is nothing like feeling relaxed and comfortable in loxion zone. He works from Bontleng. It’s just a relaxing therapy, beautiful and breathe taking.

Matake further mentioned that it does not make him feel like a lesser man especially in a woman’s field and he is confident to prove that he will make it even though there were gender obstacles when he started. 

He said that his business has grown and that he has started offering make up tutorials to any people and that he wishes for more business opportunity for him.

The “eye brows on fleek” gentleman can make a stone look like a diamond. He really does   polishes his work and make beautiful touches.


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