Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Matambo best performing minister

The Ministry of Finance and Development Planning under Kenneth Matambo is ranked the best performing ministry with a customer satisfaction rating of 51%. This is an improvement of 23% from 29% and a rise from 13th position in 2009 to the current first place in 2013.

According to a study by Economic and Management Consultants financed by UNDP, customers are happy with the efficiency with which Matambo’s Accounting & Finance Department processes and issues of cheques. The Department of Supplies also showed excellence in the condition of goods supplied. The Public is also happy with the accuracy of transactions and organised queuing at the Revenue office.

The study, however found weaknesses in the retrieval of documents from the records room by the accounting and Finance office and the time it takes the Department of Supplies to procure clothing, to process surcharges and loss reports. Customers were also not happy with the number of service counters at the Revenue Office.

The Office of the Auditor General under the Auditor General Pelonomi Namogang was ranked second place with a customer satisfaction index of 46% up from 43% in 2009. The Auditor General who rose five ranks from position seven in 2009 is the only government ministry/department that has consistently been in the upper tier of the top eight customer service performers at the government enclave.

The third best performing government department is the Department of Public Service Management under Carter Morupisi who took over from Festinah Bakwena last year. DPSM which scored 43% on the customer satisfaction index scored the “most significant leap” of 23% alongside the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning.

The consultants, however pointed out that, “in the case of DPSM, the HR services remain a low performing service. The leap in overall satisfaction is in fact not due to an improvement in HR services but to BIAC (currently known as BPSC), which registered a major improvement in performance since 2009.


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