Sunday, April 21, 2024

Matrimony gift trendsetter

The hustle and bustle of the matrimony for Sethunya Elias eleven years back was an eye opener to her world of wedding planning entrepreneurship.

Her wisdom on matrimony carried her though; she knew that going up the ladder was going to be a bumpy adventure due to the tswana traditional culture set up.

Ketz Wedding Planner came to exist after she went through her own marriage ceremony as planner. Her volunteerism gesture to her friends as a wedding planner whenever they got married persuaded her to open a wedding services business.

According to her, trendy marriage at this juncture is one of the preferred carte du jour available for couples who want to dine and wine.

After spending so much time, money and her effort on matrimony Elias says she developed a passion to become a wedding planner.

“Marriage was not all about bragging for me. I saw an opportunity to start a wedding planning business that is currently offering wedding services country wide,” said Sethunya. “It is not a go area if you don’t have a passion for it due to our culture perception. Our culture is the main hindrance to the business because Batswana have been organizing marriage for themselves. Engaging a third party for wedding planning is a like a taboo in our culture. Culture is evolving with time and those who are fortunate enough to vow to go that route use our services.”

She is confident that the wedding planning will become part tswana culture as trendy matrimony hits the shores.

Sethunya further explains that opting for wedding services is a medicine for couples because it reduces stress from engaged couples.

She noted that her services range from video, photography, preparing cakes, printing invitations, thank you gifts and assisting couples with budget spending.

“We offer couples an opportunity to spend wisely looking at their budget that usually ranges from P50 000 to P100 000. We help them to stay with the budget because once the couple chooses to marry each other they are prone to impulse buying. The couples have an opportunity to buy rings, dresses, suits and other things that are needed on discounts. You will find that if a ring costs P6 000 the couples can buy it at an amount of P5 000. It benefits the couple because they reduce the amount of money that they would spend,” she added.

Elias continued to explain that her business is a gate away to a marriage etiquette. She says that she is quick to adapt to different cultures from her clientele though her services are modernized . The services, according to her, are extended to those who are starting and those who are half way through marriage planning.

Her love for stylish marriage is also extended to other service providers. She says currently she is spearheading a Bridal Expo that will kick start at Maharaj next month.

The expo is meant to attract exhibitors to come and showcase their products and services to prospective clients.


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