Thursday, May 23, 2024

Matsha investigations complete, DPP analyzing findings

Four months after nine students’ lives were lost in one of the worst road accidents in Botswana, the Botswana Police Service (BPS) have finally confirmed that they have completed the investigations and the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) is in the process of analyzing the findings.

Information received by The Telegraph reveals that the driver of the truck will be charged on several counts, some of which include homicide and overloading. It is also understood that both Central and Local Government are still at loggerheads over what disciplinary action should be taken against the officers who authorised the truck to ferry the students despite the dangers posed.

Whilst the Central Government is of the view that disciplinary action should be taken against the officers who authorized the transportation of students, the Local government is adamant that Central government should take the blame since it failed to provide adequate transport to councils.     

 Acting Divisional commander South Assistant Police Commissioner Boikhutso Dintwa confirmed that they have completed the investigations on what led to the horrific road accident that claimed the lives of students from Matsha Senior Secondary School.

“Few days ago the docket was handed over to the DPP who will then study the docket and give advise where needed. At this juncture I would not want to discuss the contents of the investigations including whether the driver will be charged or not,” he said. 

“It should be noted that the public will be informed on whatever decision that will be taken by DPP whether they will prosecute or not”.

 However, Princess Marina Hospital spokesperson Donnell Kutlapye said there is no longer any student from Matsha receiving medical attention at Princess Marina. He, said, a couple of days ago the only remaining male student who was still hospitalised died due to severe head injuries that he sustained during the accident.

“Our doctors did their very best to try and save his life but due to the severe head injuries that he sustained chances of survival were very slim”. He also added that another student who was referred to South Africa also died a few months ago due to severe head injuries.

“Our wish is that once a patient is admitted we want to make sure that such particular patient gets healed by the blink of an eye because we want to save lives”.

He said the accident had taught them so much in terms of emergency readiness. 

“Our response team was excellent. Over hundred doctors and heath personnel managed to execute their duties very well during the day that the students were flown to Gaborone”.

Seven students died on the spot when a tyre of a truck they were traveling burst and overturned resulting in a number of students sustaining severe injuries.


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