Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Mazabathi withdraws from council contest; says its part of compromise

The ruling Botswana Democratic Party specially elected councilor John ‘Mkhandla’ Mazabathi has withdrawn from the race for the council seat in Moselewapula ward.

Mazabathi cites a compromise stance he initiated himself. He says financial constraints also played a role.

“Other contenders are capable enough. They also are financially strong,” he noted.

Mazabathi admits Moselewapula ward is a marginal area, requiring a selfless person like himself who can voluntarily opt to withdraw his candidacy for the sake of a compromise.

“It should not be for the leadership of BDP to always give advice but we should also as politicians lead by example,” he said, referring to his unexpected compromise stance.

“I am in politics not for money,” he added.

“We are struggling as politicians,” Mazabathi revealed, falling short of calling for political funding to assist the majority of politicians especially those cutting their teeth in the game.

“I will not sabotage anyone for the love of money,” Mazabathi said, acknowledging that he had a considerable number of voters who would decide upon themselves whose candidature to support.

Incumbent Member of Parliament, Robert Masitara, will slug it out with Rev. Ben Steiglein, Eunice Mguni and Moffat Mphuting for the newly demarcated Bulletin North constituency, formerly Gaborone North West.

Moloko and incumbent councilor Disele will lock horns over Moselewapula ward, an integration of Masa and Moselewapula wards following the delimitation exercise.

On the way forward, Mazabathi said he will do the work for the whole constituency.

“It is a difficult task but I know whom to support both in the constituency and ward,” he concluded, saying the constituency needs energetic and trustworthy persons.

Former BDP Secretariat driver and film actor, Mazabathi lost Masa ward by a razor thin edge 6 votes only to be compensated and consoled by the party leadership through a special election dispensation.


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