Friday, March 24, 2023

Millers resurrect their Association to fight challenges

As the debate on the wheat levy gains momentum, the maize and wheat millers have joined forces to breathe new life into their association, the Maize Wheat Millers Association of Botswana.

Following an annual general meeting held on the 15th of May for the milling companies, they concurred that it was necessary to resuscitate the association that had died out in 2007.

Nkosi Mwaba, the president of the association, said in an interview that the issue of the wheat levy is one of the reasons the association has been revived. He, however, added that the association intends to champion other issues as well.

“There has been confusion on whether one company is championing its own agenda or it’s for the good of the industry,” said Mwaba.

The two big players in the milling industry, Bolux and Bokomo, have been clamouring that the levy be retained in order to be competitive in the market against the South African players.

Mwaba said, as millers, they have decided to set aside issues of competition in the market and fight the industry as common issues that include the policy on local purchase scheme.

“We have come together as millers because we realize the problems we are currently facing are overarching,” said Mwaba.

He added that it is their expectation as an association to see how they can be of help to government initiative of the economic diversification drive (EDD). Meanwhile manufacturing companies have been failing to deliver to full capacity due to water and power shortages.

Meanwhile, the association consists of four milling companies . Mwaba said their coming together is a clear indication that they are cognizant of the challenges threatening the industry.


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