Sunday, April 21, 2024

Minister concedes Water Rights certificate requirement is impediment

The Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, Shaw Kgathi, said his ministry is aware that the inclusion of a water right certificate as one of the requirements for youth applications for livestock projects may be impediments as one of the boreholes does not have the required certificates.

Speaking in Parliament last week, Kgathi said the requirement was included during the 2012/2013 financial year as proof of the borehole ownership and availability of water source.

“It also gives an indication on water quality, the borehole’s approved use and its yield which can then be compared to the water consumption rate of the proposed project,” said Kgathi.

He added that the only alternative to the requirement is to waive it with the involvement of the water authority and the land board. Kgathi explained that his officers had activated a process towards engaging these important stakeholders with a view of coming up with alternatives.

Kgathi further said during the financial year 2012/2013, a total of 63 out of 105 youth project proposals for livestock production were rejected on account of failure to submit a copy of the Water Right Certificate in the Letlhakeng constituency.

Kgathi said adjudication for the current financial year is still ongoing.

“During the same period 12 project proposals for livestock production were approved in the constituency as they satisfied all the application requirements, including the Water Right Certificate” said Kgathi.

He was responding to a question asked by Member of Parliament for Letlhakeng West, Ngaka Ngaka, if the minister was aware that Water Rights as a requirement for livestock projects is a stumbling block since most of the old boreholes that are working do not have the required certificates or requisite.

In his question, Ngaka also asked if there are alternatives regarding the requirement and how many youth livestock applications have been rejected because of the Water Right issue in Letlhakeng West constituency. He also wanted to know how many Youth livestock applications with Water Right Certificates have been approved.


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