Monday, November 29, 2021

Minister overrules TCPB, licences Guma and Olopeng’s hotel

Minister of Land and Housing Lebonamaang Mokalake overruled the Gaborone City Council Physical Planning department and allowed Tati West MP and Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) chairman to set up a Hotel business in area originally designated for Community and civic use.

Moyo and his partner Thapelo Olopeng who is also BDP deputy treasurer and parliamentary candidate for Tonota appealed to Minister Mokalake after the Town and Regional Planning Board rejected their application.

While officials from the GCC insist the matter is private. Sunday Standard has established that the board and city council officials declined an application for change of use. The spacious piece of land is within a residential area.

For some time the hotel building was unoccupied for months.This was after the city council rejected the change of land used bid from Moyo and Olopeng.

The Hotel, Executive closet has become a popular rest place in Gaborone thanks to the many faces of power that it play hosts to.

BDP central committee meeting chaired by President Ian Khama are held monthly at this two storey building. Its conference room have hosted Union and government workshops. It currently houses Moyo and Thapelo Olopeng’s business.
The hotel has become a power house especially after Moyo and Olopeng were elected to serve into the BDP central committee.

Contacted for comment, Minister of Lands and Housing, Lebonaamang Mokalake, said he could not confirm whether Olopeng and Moyo appealed to his office. He said there are many appeals that comes to his office.

“I sometime endorse the decision of the board and at times I reject the board decision and make my own. Each case has its own merits,” he said.

Efforts to contact Olopeng and Moyo were unsuccessful. Moyo flatly refused to comment while Olopeng’s mobile phone was off.


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