Friday, June 21, 2024

MISA disowns Mahube newspaper

The Media Institute of Southern Africa has distanced itself from a newspaper publication that has been running a promotion using the MISA logo.
MISA Botswana director, Modise Maphanyane, has written a strong worded letter instructing Mahube newspaper to stop with “immediate effect” the unauthorized use of the MISA logo.

Mahube is an irregular newspaper that only hit the stands recently.

Other than the MISA logo, the newspaper also uses the Phakalane Estates logo and Zen Promotions, among others, as promoters of what is called “Legends Awards.”

Maphanyane said other than writing a formal letter to the proprietors of Mahube, he has also addressed them in a face to face meeting that any “allusion to MISA in their campaign is a violation of our rights.”

He said MISA supports media organizations, but “we are worried when media organizations appear dubious.”

Incidentally, Maphanyane was the key speaker at the launch of Mahube newspaper last year.

Mahube newspaper has caused a storm by running hundreds of job vacancies that do not state the companies and organizations seeking to recruit.
As a result there have been grumblings in public circles that it could be a bogus newspaper run by people trying to make quick money.

Mmegi’s Friday edition ran two stories about Mahube newspaper “bluffing job seekers by placing phoney job advertisements.”

The newspaper named a Zimbabwean national with a checkered track record of trickery as one of the partners in Mahube’s adventurism.
Attempts to call the directors of Mahube were not successful.


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