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Miss Earth Tots Botswana 2008 buried after mysterious death

Eleven-year-old Katlo One Lore, who was crowned Ms. Earth Botswana in 2008, was buried last week Saturday, 27th June, 2008 at her home place, Kanye, following a mysterious illness. 

“In spite of the pain that the family, the school and her peers suffered as a result of losing Katlo, it must be stated that the young model will always be remembered for the unique person that she was,” said the teacher who taught her at Lesedi Primary School where she was doing her standard six.

┬áSpeaker after speaker at the funeral related how, at different points of their meeting the young girl, who is reported to have loved Botswana’s Kaone Kario so much she never stopped talking about her, they were inspired by her strong sense of confidence, and what most of them described as an “excessive level of intelligence” for a child her age.

┬áMokgosi Lore, Katlo’s father, said, “Her demise is such a loss to the family, and for her mother in particular, who regarded her as her only friend after me.”┬á

He painfully described how on Thursday (a week prior to her death) his daughter began to complain that she was scared, and wanted them to leave home.

┬áInitially they didn’t think the problem was serious, until the following day when they were called by the school management stating that Katlo was complaining of a terrible headache, upon which they responded by taking her for medical attention.┬á
The condition degenerated such that on the night of the second day, “After asking each of us (Mother and Father) what to prepare for us, though still in a joyous mood, we awoke to find her literally packing her things to leave, and she rushed to the neighbours, who told us that she asked them to help take her and us out of our place.”┬á

The parents to the deceased said that they did their best to take their daughter for medical attention and revealed that she was subjected to all the relevant tests, including at the Lobatse Mental Hospital where they discounted any mental or brain related condition, until she finally died within a week at Princess Marina Hospital, despite the fact that no pathological condition was identified even after autopsy.

Her death certificate states that the cause of death is unknown.
Pastor Pelekekae cautioned multitudes, who braved the chilly weather to attend the funeral, against attributing Katlo’s death to witchcraft, adding that the parents must seek their sustenance from God.


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