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Mixed reaction to Kgathi’s BNYC ultimatum

April 11 2010: The Minister of Youth Sports of Culture, Shaw Kgathi ‘s recent ultimatum to the Botswana National Youth Council executive to choose between the youth organization and politics has been met with mixed reactions from the opposition political parties.

Minister Kgathi recently gave the BNYC executive up to April 30th to have ceased active participation in political parties, or risk expulsion from the youth organization.
Botswana Congress Party Youth League (BCPYL), Secretary General Thato Osupile dismissed Kgathi’s ultimatum as nothing but a manifestation of the ruling Botswana Democratic Party’s factional differences.

He said that Kgathi, who is a known A-team supporter, only made the order after he realized that the BNYC is controlled by barata-phathi loyalists.

“Barata Phathi are in control of the BNYC, and Kgathi is not happy about that. That is the only reason why he made that order. While the minister’s initiative could have been very welcome, it is tarnished by the fact that it is not sincere, but is once again fuelled by the BDP’s factional wars,” said Osupile.

He also said that they will only believe that the BNYC has been depoliticized if they are shown the resignation letters of the board members.

“We are also calling for the resignation of the current BNYC Director Fidelis Molao, who is a known BDP activist. The current BNYC Chairman Chomi Letsole, and Secretary General Charles Majweng, who is a BDP councilor at Lejweng, must also resign” he said.
However, Botswana National Front (BNF)’s Information and Publicity Secretary Moeti Mohwasa commended Kgathi for his ultimatum, saying that the BNF believes that an organization like BNYC should not have political affiliation.

“This is a good policy development that should be applied to all government sections and organizations. We hope that this is only the beginning” he said.
The BNYC has for a long time been considered to be a breeding ground for BDP activists.


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