Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Mmasonoko hits right note at preview session

After much anticipation, Bomolemo Nnunu Ramogotsi belted the lyrics of her first single, titled Mmasonoko, which is also the album title.

The energy level was palpable as her clear flawless voice flowed across the audience; the kind of voice that could make hair defy gravity and make it stand on end.

The diverse soothing smooth jazz sounds with a hint of choral music and a dash of folk dance all encapsulated in a groovy afro jazz blend would just begin to describe the kaleidoscope of sounds which can be experienced in Nnunu’s debut studio album titled Mmasonoko.

A star-studded album preview gave a few selected people, together with some members of her family, an opportunity to listen to the offerings from Nnunu, which, according to promoter Zenzele Hirschfeldt, had been long awaited.

Giving a brief biography of Nnunu, Hirschfeldt informed the audience that she had initially been introduced to the music industry by former KTM Choir Master, Gomolemo Motswaledi, who then enabled her opportunities to work with renowned artists, like the late Duncan Senyatso.

Nnunu has since been a vocalist for artists like Lister Boleseng, Banjo Mosele, Shanti Lo, Ndingo Jowah and Puna Gabasiane who, alongside Nnunu and others, are part of the Women in Jazz.

Also at the listening session was the Assistant Minister of Health, Gaotlhatse Matlhabaphiri, who is also a musician who informed the audience that a few years ago he had confidently left the Molepolole North Choir (Disaitsaneng) in the capable hands of Nnunu as the Choir master and she had led it to victory in the Botswana Democratic Party music Competitions.

Dean Molebatsi from the Department of Sports and Culture also acknowledged Nnunu’s album release and further stated that the Ministry had a National Arts Council formation in the pipeline which will ensure and maintain the dignity and protect artists in Botswana.

Speaking on behalf of the Ramogotsi family, Nnunu’s uncle, Moreetsi Kgaswane, has nothing but praises for her niece who he explained that her Catholic background may have an influence on her choice of songs.

Explaining the nature of her songs, Nnunu seems to always drift back to a good place ranging from the time when she was a little girl at the ploughing fields to what currently makes her happy.

She attributes her inspiration to her surroundings like, “Looking up at the clear blue skies.”

Other than the album-titled track, Mmasonoko, another track to look out for is Role La Tsie and many others which are equally enchanting.


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