Thursday, April 25, 2024

Mmina gives local youth a chance to shine

She was the first to ever win the Gemstone Talent search show and has been modelling since the age of 16.

She has travelled as far as New York in recruitment with the Wilhelmina Model Agency (one of the biggest agencies in the world).

 Mmina Gaebonwe is now giving other local youth a chance to divulge their talents through an Art and Creative Workshop.   

She believes Batswana, more especially the youth have lots of different talents which they are sitting on and failing to reveal. 

Interested artists were required to submit their previous art work for consideration which final participants were chosen put together by EmIvy Model and Talent Management (a talent agency she directs). About 15 selected creatives were selected to exhibit.

Gaebonwe says the main aim of this year’s exhibition is to take these artists and their work to available and thriving markets in the world including Paris, London and New York.                                               

“We want to make the rest of the world aware of the talent and world class standard creatives in Botswana, allow the creatives in Botswana to compete in a global market, to develop and grow the creative economy in Botswana,” she says.                                                                                                      

Asked on how this year’s workshop would differ from last year’s, Gaebonwe assures different visual artists being given the exhibit and turn their ideas into products and ideas that can generate wealth.  

“Visual artists will be given the chance to showcase and sell their art in a silent auction.  This includes sculptures, painters, and all other visual arts. This workshop will be an opportunity for cultural and intellectual exchange of ideas about growing the creative industry in Botswana with speakers from different fields sharing knowledge,” she says.

The workshop is also to interact with other creatives in the country. Also, the event is expected to promote Botswana as a successful exporter of cultural goods and services in the world.                       

Gaebonwe says this will support local businesses such as photographers, make-up artists and bloggers by exposing them to international markets to increase long term investment opportunities for the creative industry in Botswana.

“Internationally recognised talent identification showcases and promotes new designer businesses, increased recognition of Botswana as a capital of creativity through increased levels of press coverage and ongoing city profiling,” concludes Gaebonwe. 

The workshop will be a one-day event on May 27 at the Zambezi Towers under the theme “The Creative Economy: Art Into Wealth”. 


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