Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Mmolotsi lambasts gov’t for reducing vacancies

Wynter Molotsi, Member of Parliament for Francistown South, made a scorching attack on the government for cutting down 11 766 government vacancies, saying that it will impact heavily on recent graduates.

During a Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) workshop in Francistown, Molotsi attacked the government saying that the government has a tendency to make unilateral decisions without any consultations resulting in serious repercussions.

“The BDP government earlier on indicated that it will employ graduates to curb unemployment but to our amazement the government has turned against its word,” he said.

Molotsi took another swipe at government, saying that the decision was not even discussed in parliament but rather was just implemented. He went on to say that it is a fact that governments are the largest employers throughout the world in the world, therefore this decision would negate heavily on the recent 3 000 graduates who will roam the streets without employment.

He attacked the BDP government, saying that Batswana are living in abject poverty due to heavy taxes and electricity tariffs that were imposed by the current government.

“The value added tax (VAT) has affected a lot of people, especially government employees because they have never even received any increment in the last three years,” said the Francistown South legislator.

The education system, he said, has failed itself as students in tertiary institutions are never given a chance to at least repeat a subject once when they fail it.

He criticized the recent move by the government to source invigilators, adding that they are sourced from the streets and will also impact negatively on the examinations’ outcomes.

“This is the first scenario in the world and it is indeed a disgrace to our country,” he said.
Molotsi revealed that before he defected to the BMD, he tried to talk to the BDP leadership on the problems faced by the education system but he was ignored and now the country’s education system is in shambles.


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