Thursday, June 13, 2024

MoA implores farmers to continue supplementary feeding

The Ministry of Agriculture has advised farmers around the country not to immediately halt providing supplementary feeding of their cattle that have survived drought.

“Farmers should not just think that they have to stop giving their cattle supplementary feeding as rain has started raining in most parts of the country,” Principal Public Relations Officer in the Ministry of Agriculture Geoffrey Pheko said.

“They should continue doing so till their cattle have regained their strength. This is very important”.

On the amount of supplementary feeding that they have in their warehouses across the country, Pheko said that they have fairly enough stocks across the country and that they are still receiving more stocks which they are able to then transfer to areas where it is needed.

“We are receiving stocks even as we speak which we then transfer to areas where there is need for the stock around the country”. Feed stock in government Livestock Advisory Centers and Botswana Agricultural Boards around the country are being sold at half price.

This followed after the government has taken the decision to half the price of livestock feed in order to make it affordable to more Batswana who had been calling on the government to assist them as they watched their cattle dying from the devastating drought around the country.

It is not known exactly how many cattle died due to the current drought but there are reports of cattle corpses seen lying next to main roads across the country including the capital city Gaborone.


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