Friday, March 31, 2023

MoA imposes P30 levy per beast slaughtered

The Ministry of Agriculture has implemented the Cattle Export and Slaughter Levy Regulations of 2010 and imposed a P30 levy to be paid upon every head of cattle slaughtered in Botswana for both local and export markets.

Boikhutso Rabasha, the MoA Public Relations Officer, said that the purpose of the levy collected will help government develop the beef industry in the country by way of making sure that abattoirs are kept clean, have running water to help in the provision of hygiene at the different abattoirs across the country.

“With governments across the world facing financial difficulties, it is only proper that farmers help where possible to maintain abattoirs in satisfactory and usable conditions,” she said.
According to a press release from the MoA, those required to pay the levy are the Botswana Meat Commission, municipal abattoirs and private abattoirs. Cattle slaughtered for social activities have been excluded from paying the levy.

In order to enhance collection of the levy, officials from the Ministry of Local Government will collect the levy from municipal abattoirs then transfer it to the MoA while the levy from private abattoirs, slaughter slabs and butcheries will be collected by the MoA collectors in districts.

The press release says that slaughter facilities operators are responsible for remitting levy to the MoA, adding that all slaughter facilities operators will be required to submit their returns on a monthly basis and that this will form the basis for renewal of their licenses annually.
The effective date for effecting this levy is 1st July 2012 for those who have not been collecting and remitting the levy.

Poor abattoirs’ hygiene was amongst the reasons the European Union cited for the delisting of Botswana from its lucrative markets last year and this has given both farmers and government sleepless nights as it cost the country millions of pula in the loss of this market.


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