Sunday, May 22, 2022

Mochudi calm but tense after Kgafela arrest

Following last week’s arrest of the paramount chief of Bakgatla, Kgafela Kgafela II, and his co-accused, hundreds of people tried to storm the Mochudi Police Station, forcing police officers to lock themselves in and watch the crowd through the windows.

Last Saturday evening, Mochudi was tense as hundreds of Bakgatla walked to the main kgotla, then proceeded to the Mochudi Police Station, forcing motor vehicles to slow down as the crowd walked silently along the road.

Some motorists had to make u-turns, fearing that the crowd might resort to violence and attack them and damage their vehicles.

The Special Support Group, SSG, was forced to rush to Mochudi to monitor the situation.
Information passed to the Telegraph suggests that some people are planning violent protests against the government over the arrest of Kgafela.

Law enforcement agencies have already received intelligence information on what is going on.

Speaking to the Telegraph on Monday, the Public Relations Officer of Botswana Police Service, Assistant Commissioner Christopher Mbulawa, said, “It is true that between 200 and 300 people gathered around Mochudi Police Station for about 10 minutes but they did not say what they wanted.”

He said the police still do not know why the people decided to gather at the police station for those few minutes.

Mbulawa said although it looked menacing, the mob was peaceful and no incidents were reported that night.

“The situation in Mochudi is still calm,” said Mbulawa, “and, as the police, we are ready for whatever situation may arise.”

Mbulawa said Mochudi Police had not yet asked for re-enforcements because they are still able to manage the situation.

He said they will not restrict the movement of people at night and appealed to the public to stay calm because the situation is under control.


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