Tuesday, May 21, 2024

MoE launches multi grade curriculum

The Ministry of Education recently launched the multi-grade education instructional manual and curriculum in Gaborone recently. At the launch, the Assistant Minister of Education and Skills Development Moiseraele Goya, told attendees that the new system seeks to promote quality learning experiences and completion rates for students living in marginalized areas. 

It is believed that the multi-grade curriculum, which seeks to increase accessibility for disadvantaged children will also assist children living in adverse circumstances not to be left out from access to quality education. He also revealed that under the system, learners of different grades are placed in the same class and taught content that runs across standards. As a result, he says this will greatly “improve quality education” in the country.

Among other things, the assistant minister also revealed the government’s long standing commitment to providing free education to all children in Botswana of school going age. 

He highlighted the plight that some children face such as walking long distances to school. He also said that since Botswana subscribes to international law, they were committed to ensuring that aid is provided to teachers in satellite schools. He called upon all stakeholders to be proactive in ensuring that these materials are well taken care of and put to best use and should not accumulate dust in the offices.

On the other hand, Molaodi Menyatso, CEO of Department of curriculum development and evaluation praised the system saying if properly implemented it will reap a lot of benefits to the education sector in the country.


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