Thursday, September 28, 2023

Mogomotsi rebuffs ‘discourteous’ Rollers supporters

Mochudi Centre Chiefs Manager Clifford Mogomotsi has expressed disappointment over the vitriol spewed towards him for allegedly ‘interfering in Township Rollers’ affairs.’

A section of Rollers’ supporters has accused Mogomotsi, along with radio journalist Monnakgotla Mojaki and Footballers Union Botswana (FUB) Secretary General Kgosana Masaseng of meddling in their team’s affairs.

The supporters are accusing the trio of, among others, an attempt to purge Rollers’ Public Relations Officer (PRO) Bafana Pheto from his post.

“My concern over your friendship (with Rollers president Jagdish Shah) is that in the process of botsala joo ja lona (your friendship) you also want to have a say on how Rollers should be run and on who should be our office bearers.

I and other like minded supporters made a lot of enemies just recently including you guys in an effort to take our team to greater heights and it boggles the mind why you suddenly think Rollers business should be your concern.

You should be warned or even reminded that the post of PRO at Rollers is an elective post and that you can’t dictate to us who should be our communication manager now that lare team e ile kgakala ko Caf (you say the team has gone far in CAF competitions).

Who do you guys think you are to take such decisions on our behalf le gone go bua Clifford le Mojaki and Kgosana of all the people,” Rollers supporter Mareko Mokano, who goes by the moniker Jag Rex said on a facebook post.

The post went viral, with a number of supporters publicly expressing their anger at what they perceive to be an intentional aim by the trio to destroy Rollers.

Speaking in an interview, Mogomotsi, who was in Spain as part of the Botswana Premier League (BPL) mission to the Spanish La Liga when the furore broke out on social media, said he was in no way involved in Rollers’ affairs.

“The notion that I am meddling in Rollers’ affairs is absurd. I have in no way been involved in that team (Rollers)’s affairs and I have zero interest in doing such,” a peeved Mogomotsi said.

“I find it discourteous that Rollers’ supporters link me with an attempt to get rid of Pheto as their team’s PRO. Let me set the record straight, Pheto is my brother and I respect him. I have nothing against him and I have no interest whatsoever in his post at Rollers,” Mogomotsi said.

“I also find it disingenuous that the same supporters are accusing me of always being seen at the Shah’s CA Sales offices. I have never been to those offices and I have no interest there,” he said.

“If there is anyone who has any evidence that I am always at the CA Sales as they allege, or that I have had meetings with Shah, I dare them to bring such evidence forward,” said Mogomotsi.

As the social media furore broke out while he was in Spain with the BPL board, which included Rollers president Jagdish Shah, Mogomotsi said he made him aware of the allegations.

“I spoke to Shah as soon as I got a hint of the allegations and he was very disappointed. He promised me he will look into the matter,” said Mogomotsi.


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