Friday, December 1, 2023

Mokaragana gets face lift after two-year lull

The Botswana Investment and Trade Centre (BITC), has invested over half a million Pula into popular local music show, ‘Mokaragana.’

This boost comes at a time when the show was probably at its worst owing to a two-year-old lull, operating without a sponsor.

Officially launching this partnership, Acting Chief Executive Officer, Letsebe Sejoe, explained that this partnership is another way of promoting the Botswana brand through ‘Mokaragana’ to stimulate Batswana around a single identity.

Through this move, BITC hopes to create icons and ultimately brand ambassadors in the music industry.

Director of Brand Botswana international Portfolio, Gaorekwe Gaorekwe, said that they will run the show the best way they see fit and address issues regarding the quality of the content in a bid to position Botswana internationally through music.

He emphasised that they will not give the artists monetary remuneration.

The changes that they would make to the show include the novelty of outdoor broadcasts across the country, said Gaorekwe.

Overall, they will use Mokaragana as a platform to disseminate information regarding the brand.

Gaorekwe added that they are extremely excited about partnering with the most watched show on Botswana television and that they will be, “Selling Botswana and helping them in taking pride in who they are.”

Head of Production for Botswana Television, Solly Nageng, expressed immense gratitude, given how difficult it is to land sponsorship.

He further explained that it is a joint responsibility of the private and public sector to promote the Botswana brand.

Executive Director, Brand Management Esther Norris said that they intend to reach out to Batswana through this show and that they strictly want to associate the brand with good conduct upholding the pillars of Botho, Therisanyo and mutual respect.

Mokaragana presenters Atamelang Marumolo and Karabo Seelo were then presented with regalia adorned with the Botswana brand which they will start wearing during the show.

Musicians present at the launch also expressed gratitude for the move and are hopeful that it will indeed improve the industry.


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