Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Mokoto ÔÇô Young, talented and making a difference

Talent comes in many forms and levels and for one to perfect their talent; all that is required is hard work and determination. These are the words that 26-year-old Tebogo Mokoto lives by, not only is he making his mark in the local entertainment industry as a model and television presenter, the young man plans on making the country proud by taking his talent outside.

Although Mokoto’s dream growing up was to become a medical doctor, the dream faded when he went to study in Malaysia and realised the amazing world of modelling. “When I grew up, I never saw myself as a model but I often got comments from people about my good looks and this is the same comment I got in Malaysia after attending a fashion show,” he said.

He added that one designer was impressed with his looks and she offered him a job as a model, he took the offer and soon he was making waves as a promising young male model. “I started appearing in a couple of shows as a model and although this was a first for me, I instantly feel in love with the craft,” he said.

When he returned home, he started participating in many modelling shows and this is where Mokoto revealed his true potential and ability to be counted among the best in the modelling industry.

Mokoto pointed out that having good looks has played a very important role in his life as it has brought him many job opportunities in life. “Being called a pretty boy has played a very vital role in my life because I later on found a job as a TV presenter after auditioning,” he said.

He has presented many lifestyle shows on eBotswana but one show that has really impressed the fans is a show called ‘Trends’ where he is co-hosting with former Miss Botswana Sumaiyah. “The show is about the glitz and glamour that goes on in our country and it has a really big following. I am also working with a local Production Company, Dee Zone Productions, presenting a segment called Exclusive Botswana for a program called Good Morning Africa on DSTV’s Africa Magic,” he said.

He added that both these programmes are high profile shows and it is important that he adjusts to the standards and swag that comes with presenting high profile TV shows. With all the pressure that comes with the entertainment industry, Moloko mentioned that what keeps him grounded is humility and his ability to control himself.

“I do slip up now and then but I believe the best lessons are learnt through making mistakes. I grew up in an environment where I felt the need to portray the image of the perfect child, but life lessons have taught me that no one is perfect, and no one will ever be,” he added.

He continued that he is of the view that if one cannot be impressed with themselves then there are bound to live according to the people they try to impress, and this is where one loses their sense of belonging.

In 5 years time, Moloko sees a brighter future ahead of him and his career blossoming in other parts of the world. “My dream is to spread in other parts of the world and share my talent with other countries and show how talented we are here,” he said.

He continued that life is a very complex series of events and only God knows where the future will lead or what it will hold. “What’s left for me as an individual is to be positive, work hard, set goals and hope for the best,” he said.


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