Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Molale – BOFEUSU clash in Goodhope by election

The Botswana Federation of Public Sector Unions (BOFEUSU) has launched a crusade against Presidential Affairs Minister and Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) parliamentary candidate for Goodhope/Mabule Eric Molale election campaign.


A week before the Good Hope Mabule by election BOFEPUSU has also joined the campaign trail urging Good Hope Mabule residents to reject Molale.


BOFEPUSU says Molale is a historical and long-time adversary and tormentor of workers. They trace Molale’s persecution of workers to his time as Permanent Secretary in Ministry of Local Government, then as Permanent Secretary to the President under former President Festus Mogae.


Unions say he got even worse under the Khama administration. They claim that upon assumption of his post as Private Secretary to the President under the current administration he toured the country in abusive language bullying public servants.


BOFEPUSU deputy secretary general Ketlhalefile Motshegwa said “Molale is the reason why there are poor conditions of service and poor salaries for workers; he is the reason there is moral decay in public service; he is the reason why public service is populated with incompetent top civil servants bordering on appointments not based on merit and this has robbed the nation of being served by meritorious and estimable top public servants.


“Molale happened to be one of the architects of Government antagonism of public servants and Unions that led to the 2011 Industrial strike; during the strike he abused the national television to attack workers when they were duly exercising their rights in demand for better conditions of service and welfare. When he was P.S.P he shunned all possibilities of social dialogue to meet the Federation to discuss significant issues bordering on public service and broader Industrial relations. He alone shoulders the bulk of the poor and confrontational state of labour relations that threaten the stability of the country.”


The unions see the Good hope Mabule election as a moment for workers to make Molale pay for his sins. They say the election represent judgement day for Molale to account for all that he has been doing to the workers of this country. “In rejecting him at polls the workers will be conveying a clear message to the nation and the world that leaders who are discourteous, arrogant, unaccountable deserve no place in public office.

 “for a purpose of good governance and democracy our country deserve leaders who comprehend that leadership is servant hood; that leaders bear responsibility and accountability to the nation; the kind of leaders who ooze humility and civility to the people,” said Motshegwa.


BOFEPUSU said should Molale win despite his conduct and attitude towards workers, then the nation will be sanctioning that type of leadership.


“People have a role to craft and set a leadership compass for leaders so that leaders truly understand how to relate with people. This will also be a strong message to other politicians that they must have so much regard and respect for workers as they are fundamental in creation of wealth and development of this Country. Workers and people of Good hope Mabule are presented with an opportunity to be heroes and heroes in conveying this message,” Motshegwa said.


When reached to comment on the matter, Molale said, “so what, I do not need your call, do not call me goodbye.”


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