Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Molale officiates at KBL’s Kick Start function

Eric Molale, the permanent secretary to the President, this week tried to bridge the difference between KBL and government by officiating at the beginning of the Kick Start and at the same time urged other companies to follow the KBL lead.
Speaking at the ceremony, Molale said that the Kick Start projectÔÇölet alone the differences that government had with KBL over the 30 percent levy on alcoholic beveragesÔÇö- is a national building block aimed at having the country competitive against its peers.

“Just imagine, if there were other 50 companies doing the same. That would mean that the standard of living for the promoters and the general economy would push forward. If that happens everybody benefits,” Molale said.
Kick Start, an innovative idea started by SAB Miller which is aimed at adding value in the communities that it operates fromÔÇöespecially AfricaÔÇöstarted in this country some five years ago. So far, the programme has burnt P 5 million with a success rate of 83 percent.

“We have to break the bearers that [pose an impediment to our thinking and in order to do that we need to have some confidence, innovative ideas, self ÔÇôreliance combined with hard work, among the other principles,” he said.

The sponsorship has already donated over P 5 million and created over 50 jobs since its inception.

“You should raise the standards as potential business people who have been given a choice to succeed, but between the success of business there is a downfallÔÇölargely attributed to Botho.
“ I do have a keen interest in this project and I think it does lay a good succession planning and hope. You would be hands on and be able to get everybody to get fired up,” Molale said.
Three weeks ago, the government and KBL were at loggerheads over alcoholic drinks. The government ultimately won the battle to push up the price of alcohol by 30 percent.

“Government is already working tirelessly to give our youth an edge in a world that is becoming increasingly competitive. To this end, government, through the Ministry of Sport, Youth and Culture has initiated a range of skills training and a host of other programmes to help our youth enter the world of business and participate meangingfully in our economy,” Hloni Matsela , managing director for KBL said at the same ceremony. “I applaud your government for these efforts and I am personally proud of personal that the government has delayed in this regard over time.”


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