Monday, October 3, 2022

Molao, Amon caught out ÔÇô stories do not link up

If the words don’t add up, its usually because the truth wasn’t included in the equation-: If this wisecrack by KUshan WiZdom is anything to go bye, then Assistant Minister of Education, Fidelis Molao and Sebina Gweta Councillor Kemmonye Amon may not have been telling the truth when they said they never had a Facebook conversation on how to cover up the councillors defilement case, they had a rude awakening.

The devil in the detail turned their story upside down. An incisive interrogation by Gabz Fm Breakfast with Reg presenter Reginal Richardson exposed inconsistencies in their story and Facebook members who sifted through their conflicting accounts concluded that the two BDP leaders were not telling the truth.

While Molao claimed to have heard about the Facebook conversation the night before after being waked from his sleep by enquiries from people who had seen the post on Facebook, Amon  on the other hand claimed to have informed “Molao telephobically” the previous morning.

Amon further insisted that stories about him inpragnating a school girl were a smear campaign propagated by his political rivals. Molao on the other hand confirmed the reports that Amon has inpragnated the school girl.  The conflicting details did not only deepen the murkiness of their stories,but also created an impression that they were holding back some uncomfortable information.

If Molao and Amos had hoped to shrug and move on after denying the Facebook conversation, they had a rude awakening. For most Facebook users who posted on the Breakfast with Reg wall, the takeaway from the interviews  was simple : it was all a shell game. “not convincing though”, posted one of the Facebook users and the sentiment seemed to be shared across the wall.

“This two do they think they dealing with kids… Hacked my a**.You don’t hold a two way conversation on a hacked account.Shame really” posted one Meya Birchall.
There was also a pervasive sense on the wall that the girls mother had been worked over. She had pleaded with Batswana to allow the family space to resolve the issue behind closed doors.


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