Sunday, April 2, 2023

Molao scoffs at opposition coalition during Tonota North by-election

Fidelis Molao, winner of the recent election in Tonota North, in spite of a combined opposition onslaught, says the coalition efforts by the opposition were none existent.

Molao said that there was never such a coalition as the parties were only there in name, with no efforts to support Dr Habaudi Hubona, a BCP candidate.

He stressed that the Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) rather worked to the BDP’s advantage in raking in more members because a lot of people in the Tonota North Ward have declared their hatred of the BMD.

Molao told The Telegraph that the coalition by the opposition parties to back BCP never existed.
“Opposition parties were only there in name and they never really assisted the BCP as they had stated,” he said.

He said that the BMD worked to their advantage because whenever people in the wards saw the campaigners, they would chase them out of their yards, blaming them for breaking BDP apart.

Molao also said that the BMD campaign teams were campaigning for themselves because wherever they went, they carried with them their registration forms to try and lure members to their party.

Commenting on rumors that the BDP trafficked voters in buses from as far as Tlokweng, Molao pointed out that it is only a malicious rumour to blemish BDP but admitted that there were some voters in Gaborone who are from the constituency who had pleaded with the BDP campaign team for their transport arrangements so that they could come and vote for their party and the BDP decided to provide them with transport.

“If the opposition cannot provide transport for the members who want to come and elect them then it is not our problem because I can assure you that we transported people who are from the Tonota North Constituency to come and exercise their right to vote,” he said.

Molao added that he won the elections because of the team work among the campaign team. He further pointed out that as a victor in the constituency; he was going to make sure that he continues where the late Member of Parliament for the constituency, Baledzi Gaolathe, left off.

He said he will concentrate on helping to empower the youth and on poverty eradication.


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