Saturday, July 2, 2022

Mombasa-A Sleepless City

Mombasa, Kenya’s second largest city located just along the shores of the Indian Ocean is relaxed by day and is a city that does not sleep at night time.

Courtesy of Kenya Airways, I and other journalists from different media houses, were whisked away for a weekend of relaxation in Mombasa. Because of the late night arrival in the city, I did not get to experience and feel the beauty of nature at the Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort and Spa. Come morning time, the experience of the breeze from the ocean and walking barefoot on the sand at the beach left me more relaxed and at peace than ever before.

However, limitations of time stopped me from trying my hand at playing beach volleyball and camel back riding just along the beach or a boat ride into the Indian Ocean that I had always craved for.
From the beach, I and the rest of the gang headed to the market place, using a matatu, as combis are referred to in Kenya.

After a walk-about at the market place, we accidentally discovered a well-hidden but interesting pub, the New City House Restaurant. Here we ended up spending more time than intended, dining on local food and sipping on Tusker, the local beer, a very smooth lager.

However the beer is served quite differently. In Mombasa, the beer can be served as Baridi (cold) or Moto (Hot), just straight from the shelve without being refrigerated first: a simple indicator of the difference within African cultures.

With most of the day spent at New City House Restaurant, it was time to change location and go and get ready to experience Mombasa’s night life.

The ride back to the hotel was different now; we abandoned the matatu and went for the Tuk Tuk (a motor vehicle with three wheels).

After a lot of excitement that had built up in anticipation to feel Mombasa night life, we eventually arrived at Florida Night club where, upon arrival, the sight of half naked women dancing on top of the bar counter welcomed us. I couldn’t help but scream out loud and enjoyed the venue.
Yes, I have always wanted to go to a strip club and this was it. It came as a surprise but, hey, it was a pretty welcome experience. Mombasa had just started my night of fun and partying. The girls soon went away and there was a performance by the club dancers.

Feeling we had enough of Florida, we decided to do some club hopping and went to a different part of town called Mutwapa.The trip there was long but fun. I mean, where in the world can you listen to R Kelly’s Radio Message riding on a tuk tuk with a fully built in sound system? Only in Mombasa is such possible.

We arrived in Mutwapa and this is where the serious nightlife was happening. It almost felt like it was daytime, only thing that proved the reality of it was the darkness and the stars up above.

As we club hopped around Mutwapa, we eventually landed at a strip club called Lollipop and once again we were met by half naked women dancing. Only difference is that here the girls had their podium to dance on and the audience was only male. I couldn’t help but laugh when a few minutes into the club Lame from Lapologa magazine shouted in disbelief , “Aah! Bathong re ya diheleng.” (loosely translating into us going to hell for just being there).

After an adventurous night full of activities, we finally left the club and headed back to the hotel. But we just didn’t go back, we went back in style, riding on the pikipiki (motorcycle), which carried three people, the driver and two passengers.

Unfortunately, upon arriving at the hotel, I got burnt by the pikipiki’s exhaust as I disembarked. So Mombasa had decided to leave a mark and branded me on my lower right leg.

I am still nursing the burn from Mombasa, a welcome chore for the evidence from a weekend of fun in a foreign land.

And thanks to Kenya Airways; let’s do it again!


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