Friday, March 1, 2024

Monthusi Seremane speaks the lingo of street fashion through his lens

From his eccentric style that is both retro vintage and “street” style, one would think Monthusi Seremane is a model of his own work. With a great eye for street fashion and explorative photography, his images are gradually getting international recognition.

Reflective of the days he used to capture everything that caught his interest as a child, Seremane says art has always been a passion of his; that much he knows. 

“Photography is one of the many ways I like to express my creativity. It is definitely the medium I’m best at right now. I always liked seeing photographs at home and taking pictures with my father’s camera as a child but I never really knew that I was into photography until my early 20s.”

With a very peculiar alias, “Giancarlo Calam├®o LaGuerta”, suggesting that one would trust Giancarlo’s photographic and artistic abilities over a Monthusi, the AKA hints to his intriguing personality. “The monicker compliments my art. It’s like how Batman doesn’t go out and fight crime as Bruce Wayne,” he explains.

His work boasts an edgy, elusive aesthetic and tone. He says his inspiration sources mostly from the experiences that surround him. A signature of his involves blending texts and illustrations in his photos

“I am an art director as well as a photographer, so I look at my work much like one would look at a puzzle. I combine these different elements with the simple aim of completing the picture. I often feel like an image is still bland after I finish editing it so I garnish it with text and/or illustrations. I’ll draw inspiration from many different places in order to do this, I couldn’t possibly list them all down,” he says.

His work has been featured on US-based platform “OkayAfrica” and other fashion blogs. 

“I prefer to let people look at my work and have their own unique experience with it. I don’t like to tell people what to see or look for in my work,” he muses. 

Not limiting his interest to street fashion or portraits, he notes that his work is vast “I am mostly interested in fashion photography. However, it is not the only type of photography I’m interested in. I enjoy classic portraiture, nude photography and the more obscure, avante garde types of photography as well. 

“Many different styles of photography and influences can be incorporated into fashion photography and this is something, I feel, we don’t see enough of. We need to remember that fashion and style is a form of expression in itself.

Currently, he is working on exhibiting his first collection “I usually come up with an idea; Eva Maria, the stylist, will come up with the wardrobe that goes with the concept with my help, we track down the right model and make magic. An exhibition is definitely coming this year.”

“We have very many of the same kinds of photographers; don’t be afraid to be different. And don’t force anything,” goes his advice to budding photographers.

For more on his work, visit his Facebook page The LaGuerta Show and his website


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