Saturday, June 22, 2024

More and more information on circumcision must be availed to people

A taxi ride brought to light that not many men really understand the motives and what the Ministry of Health reports are the benefits of Safe Male Circumcision (SMC).

While passing through the GSS Grounds this past Friday morning, with several people in the combi, a heated discussion arose when the driver, after seeing a few stands/banners at the GSS grounds, asked what was happening.

He noticed one banner written ‘SMC’ and laughed aloud, saying that there is no way he was going to be circumcised.

He, however, took note when the discussion yielded information to the fact that circumcision has been proved to lower the chances of getting HIV/AIDS.

A woman on her cell-phone, suddenly cut off her conversation and shouted to the driver that it was not true and went on to explain that the cutting of the foreskin does not prevent one from HIV/AIDS infection at all.

Hearing this from the back of the taxi, another man said that there was no way he was giving away his skin for free as it is very valuable and expensive in other countries.

“Some people buy it for millions. I am not going to give mine away just like that. And that thing works like a brake. It makes sex all the more pleasurable when it moves back and forth during intercourse.”

After careful consideration he said that getting circumcised will not work for him in the instance that another disease that needs the foreskin surfaces.

Listening to the conversation back and forth, I got a clear impression of a lot of information that still has not reached people about circumcision.

Even the important fact that the removal of the foreskin does not in any way reduce the full enjoyment of sex does not seem to have sunk or have been received.

The discussion was based on the event that was taking place on the 21st of September at GSS grounds. Organized by Men Sector, the event, titled “Male Involvement in Fighting HIV/AIDS”, was aimed at raising awareness amongst men and encouraging them to get tested for HIV/AIDS, amongst other diseases.

Present at the event was PSI Botswana, SMC, Tebelelopele, Ministry of Health, Princess Marina, Women’s Shelter, Maikano Youth Wellness Organization and Itshireletse.

The guest speaker at the event was Bruno Paledi, the Deputy Commissioner of the Botswana Police.
Paledi stated that HIV/AIDS is an evil that has brought us many hardships and that it needs to be eradicated by speaking openly and boldly about it. He said that HIV/AIDS has no legs and arms but it has made us its oppressed. He recited a story once told by one of his friends who works for the BDF.

His friend insightfully explained that HIV/AIDS is like an enemy who comes to a soldiers’ camp and creeps around the camp slowly while everyone watches “him”. None of the soldiers react to “his” slow and deliberate attack. And to make matters worse no one even talks about “him.” Even when he takes a hold on one of their men and strangles him to death no one says anything.
He encouraged people to talk more about HIV/AIDS and sex.

“Sex is nice. But the minute we say this aloud you are accused of being a non-believer but the fact of the matter is that we are all thinking about sex. Even right now at this event. I know someone has already undressed a woman in his mind.”

He stated that most men love sex and are attracted by different aspects in a woman.

“Some men love breasts, others like hips/the behind while others like the face and nothing else. Other men just want any woman as long as she has the right equipment for sex.”

He further said that the deadly thing about sex is that it is not easy to resist. He said that when a man is enticed by a woman to have sex, he will find it hard to refuse her. He said that this happens a lot when a woman is very gorgeous. He, however, advised against “easy” because “easy” is not safe.

Paledi told the young men who had attended that if he tells a woman that he loves her and she immediately falls for it, they should know she is dangerous. He reasoned that it means that she just says yes to everyone.

He did not leave the women out.

“If you meet a man and he immediately proclaims undying love just know that there is no truth in it,” said Paledi.

Male Sector is a sector formed by BPS, SSG, BDF, CTO, Prisons, Teaching Services and the Gaborone’s District Commissioner’s Office.

Mohammed Sabhan, the PRO of Men Sector, said that the sector also deals with organizations such as Women’s Shelter to encourage male wellness through the female partner.

“Today’s event was a 15km run that started at GSS grounds via UB to Broadhurst and back to GSS. This was done to raise awareness on men’s wellness and encourage more of them to get tested.”


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