Wednesday, January 26, 2022

More questions than answers as DPP clears DIS agent of murder charges

Principal Public Relations Officer at the Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Caroline Bogale Jaiyeoba last week revealed that a security intelligence agent who was facing murder charges has been absolved of any wrong doing.

Jaiyeoba told Sunday Standard that the DPP has resolved not to charge an agent of the Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS) who was suspected to have killed one David Moilwa in a botched operation to arrest Blessing Mukweni, a Zimbabwean national for an unknown offence. She said the DPP was satisfied that the incident that led to Moilwa’s death was an accident.

“We have not charged anyone with any offence because we realized that the incident was an accident,” she said.

However, she was not able to say when the DPP reached that conclusion. Immediately after the incident, Mukweni was arrested, detained for days and later arraigned before the courts on murder charges related to the death of Moilwa. However, Mukweni was later absolved from the murder charges by a Magistrate who ruled that forensic evidence showed that he had nothing to do with the shooting of Moilwa.

When Sunday Standard enquired about the case last year, the DPP replied that the agent who allegedly shot and killed Moilwa had been charged with giving false information to the police, after claiming that it was Mukweni who had killed Moilwa when in fact she was the one who shot and killed him.

At the time, the DPP also said the case had been withdrawn from the courts because the key witness to the incident was terminally ill. There was no explanation as to why the current response differed from the one given last year in response to the same questions about the same matter. After he was absolved from any wrong doing relating to Moilwa’s death, Mukweni was immediately deported to his country of origin, where he later claimed that he had been offered P5 million to keep quiet about the matter. He also threatened to sue government for jailing him illegally. Nothing has come out of his threats.


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