Thursday, August 18, 2022

Mosimanyana knocking on Zebras door again

In 2007, when Botswana’s national Under 23 team embarked on their trip to Tunisia for the 2008 Olympics qualifications, there was not much publicity about the trip and the game.

Many people just thought that Botswana was going to be seriously humiliated looking at the disparity between the two countries.

When word started reaching the country that Botswana had held Tunisia to a two all draw people could not believe it.

Others just concluded that the Tunisians would finish off Botswana in the return leg.
People, however, started seeing the real potential in the Botswana team in another match in Gaborone for the All Africa Games against Angola. Botswana put up a gallant performance and won the encounter 2-0.

Those who attended the match were familiar with almost all names in the team since they were playing in the elite league except one defender who was putting up a spirited performance to thwart Angolan attacks.

Supporters called him many heroic names because he played like a seasoned player.

That player was Moreetsi Mosimanyana who was then at the First Division side, Orapa Wanderers.

Mosimanyana was to continue playing brilliantly in the matches that followed against some tough African sides, like Cameroon, Ghana and South Africa. Premier League teams started scrambling for his signature.

What mainly distinguished Mosimanyana from other players was his fearlessness when going for tackles. It was not long before he was called to the senior national team by the then coach, Colywn Rowe.

But from there, Mosimanyana slowly faded into oblivion.

Most of his colleagues then easily made it to the Under 23 and are currently the core of the squad that helped the national squad to qualify for the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations.

The disadvantage for Mosimanyana could be the fact that the position in which he is effective is occupied by the country’s darling, the no nonsense fellow teammate, Mompati Thuma.

‘Resco’, as Mosimanyana is called in soccer circles, seems to be on his way back to his renowned performance, if the two league matches in which he featured are anything to go by.

He played very well and helped his team to win both matches against BDF XI and Mochudi Centre Chiefs.

Mosimanyana even went to the extent of scoring two goals in both matches, despite operating from the back.

Mosimanyana told Sunday Standard in an interview that his main aim is to play for the senior national team.

“It is every player’s dream to play for the senior national team. Playing for the national team opens up many opportunities for any player and definitely I want to see myself donning the national team colours again,” he said.

He added that the reason he had been doing well is the fact that BDF XI had good preparations before the start of the league and emphasised that if they can keep up the good spirit they have now more teams are going to fall.

On why he has not been doing well at his previous teams like Police XI and Notwane, he said it is due to the fact that the training programmes are totally different from the one at BDF XI.


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