Monday, May 23, 2022

Motivational speaker, Kabelo Brown, hopes to take on Africa

They say talk is cheap but with motivational speakers, that saying could not be further from the truth. When they open their mouth everyone wants to listen and more often than not, that listening session will set you back a few hundred bucks.

The past few years have witnessed a growth in the industry. Our difficult financial and personal circumstances have forced us to look to the professionals for a word of encouragement. Kabelo Brown says he also wants to cut out a niche in the motivational industry and believes he has got the experience to pull it off.

He is among the growing number of Batswana who have over the past few years made their way into the speaking industry and offering themselves as the answers to Batswana’s insatiable appetite for motivation, self-belief and the need to get rich.

“I want to empower people and help put an end to mediocrity,” Brown says. “I want Batswana to take the bull by the horns and make things happen for themselves. If Botswana doesn’t offer the right market for whatever you want to achieve go elsewhere and make it happen.”

He says he has spent the greater part of the past decade motivating people for fun. He says his passion for motivational speaking developed over time as he hosted various corporate and social events as a Master of Ceremonies.

Brown says it was at Junior Achievement Botswana (JAB) where he sharpened his public speaking skills and he has never looked back since. “It was at JAB where I started helping to empower young people create business opportunities.” His sales background has also played a big role.
He says he has since coordinated team building sessions and given motivational talks at various institutions like schools and corporate companies.

“I also travel a lot especially around the region and working with people from diverse backgrounds has taught me much,” he says.

He says his sales experience working for different international companies like British Tobacco and Avis has gone a long way in providing the people skills that are necessary for a career in motivational speaking. “Working in these companies meant I did not only get to mingle with decision makers but it also gave me the opportunity to travel and learn from other countries.”
Brown says he also hopes to do motivational shows in the rest of Africa and take under his wing some young Batswana. He also hopes to write a book one day.

He cites the late Vice President, Mompati Merafhe as one of his inspirations. “He was a go getter.” He also has respect for fellow local motivational speaker, Moshe Seloko. On the international front he looks up to John Maxwell and Bishop TD Jakes. “I love the fact that his (Jakes) talks come from a spiritual point of view since I’m also an evangelist,” Brown says. After doing talks for free, Brown now wants to join other motivational speakers and cash in on his “God given” skill.


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