Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Motivational speaker urges Botswana’s youth to ‘dream big’

A renowned professional motivational speaker, Boago Ramogapi, has challenged and advised the youth to ‘dream big’ in order to shape and direct the socio-economic political life of Batswana.

“The country looks at you to creatively craft its future. It is a call we must answer, a challenge we must take. We can only achieve our goals if we dream big; and not look-down upon ourselves. Dreaming big is not for someone else but for you,” said Ramogapi.

He was speaking at the University of Botswana (UB) motivational talk seminar held in the UB library auditorium. The seminar was themed “Character development for entrepreneurship.”

Ramogapi, who is also a pastor at Assemblies International Ministry, encouraged the youth to be “hungry for knowledge and thus make books your friends.”

“You must be a perennial reader, especially a friend of motivational books. You must also respond to your abilities rather than adversities; while not letting your weaknesses become other people’s weakness. All these require focus and discipline,” said Ramogapi.

Speaking at the same event was the duo of Percy Raditladi and Bruce Nkgakile who presented on imparting entrepreneurship life skills to the business aspirants.

Raditladi as the founder of Yarona FM is an epitome of success in business alongside Bruce Nkgakile who is an entrepreneur in farming and also the founder of the Btv programme, of Kgang Tseleng Setswana Debate.

The motivational talk was held ahead of the holiday trip to Durban, South-Africa which is slated for 6th to 12th December 2013.

One of the organizers, Keabetswe Rabashima, who is a university student, explained: “The trip is not just a luxurious journey but an educational and empowering initiative that is aimed at knocking sense into the mind of the youth; simultaneously injecting life in their hopes and desires.”┬á

He revealed that the students and other youths will upon arrival in Durban, bench-mark against the Univertsity of KwaZulu Natal, South-African soccer stadia and businesses.

“It is an opportunity to go and learn and bring it back to your own country,” said Rabashima, adding that one of the major objectives of the trip is to enhance Botswana’s youth entrepreneurship and corporate acumen.

One of the attendants, Thapelo Otukile (an LLB reader at UB) could not hide his excitement saying, “I am inspired a lot. I learned that in life you should dream big; you should not live a mediocre life, mediocrity should never be part and parcel of your vision.”┬á

His sentiments were echoed by Tumo Molelekwa who is also studying law, who said, “You can only achieve when you learn as mentioned by Mr. Ramogapi.”


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