Monday, January 17, 2022

Motswafere returns with more mature sound

He first burst into the music scene a few years ago as a contestant on the popular local music talent search show My Star, ever since then he has been making headlines as one of the best local acts. At only 21-years-old, many may expect him to behave like a typical youngster but Motswakgakala Sithole is more concerned on perfecting his music career.

He is affectionately known as Motswafere in the entertainment industry and although his music was last heard last year, he added that he would be dropping something for his fans this year. “I have decided to follow the route of legends and sing Jazz music,” he said.

He explained that he decided to be creative when creating music. He also added that he will make music that will not only be appealing to the old, but the young generation as well.

Although many may remember the singer from his previous single entitled ‘Boys in heels’, this is the single that managed to cause a lot of negative attention for him from both the media and public. The song portrayed him as a male figure that had a feminine side.

Sithole explained that the concept of the song was blown out of proportion. He said the song was trying to point out was that it is okay to be yourself no matter the pressure one finds themselves in. The musician then again sparked controversy on social networks last year when a picture of him in a hair piece (Brazilian hair) and female make up trended online. Sithole further explained that he found his inner self, his voice as a musician and time to talk to God and now extreme feminism does not appeal to him anymore.

The singer said he is now mature and has out grown the old being in him.┬áHe stated that his growth has also made him to perfect his music. “In 2013, I had recorded close to 10 songs and when I was about to release them I decided to trash them as they sounded immature,” he said.

His latest offering is an afro-jazz song titled ‘Paralle’. The song title is the melody that Motswafere makes in the song. The single is already playing on many radio stations including SA. He added that the single will now make many people see him in a different light.

He continued that the new song tells a story of a child who appreciates a mother’s love.┬á“It is a celebration of a mother figure in one’s life. I went all out on that single because I was trying to appreciate all the mother figures that have been in my life,” he said.

He emphasised that his mother mostly inspired the song. “My mother is the pillar of my life, she has been there guiding me in every step of my life. Although I sometimes give her headaches, she has never made me feel unwanted and for that I will always honour her,” he said.

Motswafere said his new music is more mature, in terms of lyrics, art, and representation. He added that he is now using live instruments during performances and this will be felt in the new single.

“Already my fans are appreciating the song and I have had a lot of people calling me and appreciating my work,” he said.

He continued that although he is aware that some may not understand the change, he is however still the same person with a much more experienced vision and direction to move forward.


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