Monday, January 24, 2022

Motswaledi urges Batswana who want change to vote UDC

Batswana who are tired of the myriad of problems bedevilling this country and crave change have been urged to vote for the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC). Speaking at the launch of UDC candidate for Francistown South Wynter Mmolotsi over the weekend, UDC Secretary General Gomolemo Motswaledi said the 2014 elections are clear and straightforward as they are meant to usher a new era of positive change for Botswana.

He added that such positive change can only be brought by the UDC project because it is not a project of pride and self aggrandizement, but rather a project of servitude and aspiration for a better Botswana.

“Only UDC will change this country for the better. If you want reliable electricity supply, clean water, quality education, better working conditions for teachers and other public servants, a humming and productive economy, zero corruption and a government that respects the rule of law; if you want change for a better Botswana, vote UDC,” said Motswaledi.

Speaking at the same rally, Lobatse MP Nehemiah Modubule said the UDC is a progressive party that is now advocating for second generation rights like the right to housing and employment. He challenged the BDP to account for the lives of the many Batswana citizens who died at the hands of President Ian Khama’s security apparatus. Modubule reeled off a number of names of citizens who died mysteriously at the hands of security personnel, among them Popo Molefi, David Mongae, Moithali Setlampoloka, Jonathan Elliot, Olebile Kefitlhilwe and John Kalafatis.

Batawana Paramount Chief, Tawana Moremi hailed Mmolotsi as a hard working and dedicated representative who genuinely cared for the people of Francistown South. He described Mmolotsi as a hard working MP who beat his counterparts in parliament hands-down and emerged tops in a survey that sought to find the best performing MP.

“You have a principled and hard working MP who cares about you and consults with you all the time. So when the time of reckoning finally comes, when you have to vote for your MP, you should have no doubt in your mind that Wynter Mmolotsi is the right candidate for you,” said Tawana.

When he took to the podium, Kgatleng West MP Gilbert Mangole said the BDP has never liked Mmolotsi as they tried repeatedly to destroy his political career. He said the party leaders tried to block Mmolotsi when he challenged Khumo Maoto in the BDP primaries in 2009. He was saved by the people who stood by him and pressured the BDP leadership to renege on their decision, and he eventually went on to win the general election. Mangole said even Ian Khama tried repeatedly to destroy Mmolotsi as he barred him from assuming his position after he was elected Deputy Secretary General at the Kanye congress.

“He sent his operatives to try and coerce Mmolotsi into succumbing to Khama’s iron rule but Mmolotsi stood by his principle and refused,” he said.

He added: “Botswana is faced with a myriad of challenges that need principled men like Wynter, not jokers like Vain Mamela. Let Mamela remain in the trenches and continue cracking jokes and hurling insults, which is the only thing he is good at. Vote for Mmolotsi because he is a serious politician who can attend to your needs.”

Mangole also shot salvos at Sylvia Muzila, saying she has no business challenging Mmolotsi because he introduced her to politics and nurtured her political career.

“We campaigned for her until she reached the central committee. She is our friend, her only problem is that she is a bootlicker who has surrendered all to Khama even when it’s clear that he does not like her,” said Mangole.

He shot salvos at the BDP for using the name of Botswana’s founding President Seretse Khama, in vain. He said the BDP conducted a secret survey that revealed that they would lose most of their parliamentary seats to the UDC. In desperation, said Mangole, the BDP tried to appeal to Batswana by catapulting Seretse Khama to the fore front of their media campaigns.


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