Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Motswana man facing bank fraud allegations in Rwanda

Rwandan security agents are investigating alleged criminal activities that are linked to a motor car racing enthusiast, Ateng Makgekgenene, which landed him in police custody for almost two weeks.
His traveling documents have been seized and the Motswana was ordered to report to the Kigali police station every Friday.

In an interview with Sunday Standard in Kigali, the chief prosecutor of the National Prosecution Authority, Muhumuza Richard, said, “It is true Atang Makgekgenene is under police investigations. He was arrested by the police in Kigali on the 25th of last month and was released on the 3rd of this month.”

Richard explained that the suspect allegedly forged and cashed a bank cheque amounting to U$ 400 000 from a local Kigali bank called the Access Bank.

He said the bank allegedly gave him the money but, eventually, the cheque turned out to be fraudulent and bank officials reported the matter to the police.

He further said it has also emerged that the bank documents used by Makgekgenene were also fraudulent.

Richard revealed that the incident occurred sometime last year and, so far, the police have not recovered any money.

He added that, currently, the suspect is on free bail and has surrendered his traveling documents to the investigating authority.

Makgekgenene is required to report to the police every Friday.

“I am not in a position to either suggest that we have a strong case against the suspect or not but what is important is the fact that the police should be given time to complete their investigations, which are expected to be complete in the next coming two weeks,” he said.
Richard said Makgekgenene is the first Motswana to be arrested in Rwanda.

The Sunday Standard met with Makgekgenene last week but he was reluctant to comment about his arrest.

“I am not aware of what you are talking about and, therefore, I cannot comment on something that I am not aware of.”


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