Sunday, March 26, 2023

Moyo condemns Ipelegeng as unsustainable

The deputy Public Accounts Committee Chairperson Guma Moyo on Friday doubted the sustainability and import of the government social programme, Ipelegeng, labelling it as unsustainable.

Deputy Secretary in the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development Halakangwa Mbulai appeared before Public Accounts Committee at which she was grilled over the services of the department and expenditure.

Unlike the ruling party MPs, Moyo came out clear questioning the sustainability and import of the programme. “As professional individuals do you think Ipelegeng is sustainable? One month you are employed the next month you back to poverty,” Moyo questioned the government officer.

Moyo suggested a review of the programme since the three month rotational time was not sustainable. However Mbulai defended the scheme saying, “We are trying to reach as much as possible the beneficiaries of the programme. Besides, Ipelegeng is complimented by other social responsibility programmes such as poverty eradication. The two packets working together have been a success.”

Moyo further asked for figures which confirm the success of both the Ipelegeng and Poverty eradication programmes, which Mbulai could not clarify. “That is the measure we should be using to determine the success of the programmes. Otherwise we are throwing money at the problems,” Moyo noted.

Although the success of the Poverty Eradication Programme could be revealed in the near future, Mbulai could not determine the Ipelegeng beneficiaries who have graduated into Poverty Eradication Programme which includes growing of crops and other small businesses to make ends meet.

Formerly Namola Leuba, Ipelegeng is the brainchild of President Ian Khama when he ascended to power. It was birthed as a short-term measure to reduce the high unemployment in the country although many people believe it is not necessary and does not help the citizens in any way.


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