Sunday, July 3, 2022

Moyo’s crusade edges towards ministers

The ascension of legislator Guma Moyo to the ruling party’s chairmanship could see a new wave of politics where cabinet ministers not only account to the President but also report to the party leadership.

It has emerged that a fortnight ago, the BDP central committee led by Moyo held a joint meeting with cabinet apparently at the behest of the newly-elected chairman.

Unlike his immediate predecessor, Moyo has made it clear that he wants a more pro active central committee that is able to flex its muscle and demand accountability from top politicians in government as well as have a say in the running of parastatals.

At the joint meeting, it is understood cabinet ministers were asked to account to the party on their portfolio performances in light of the party’s promises prior to the 2009 general elections.

This, however, is believed to have irked some cabinet ministers who believe that the party leadership has no authority to demand accountability from them.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Moyo confirmed the meeting but denied that he had summoned cabinet ministers.

“It was just our ordinary housekeeping matters. I do not want to discuss what we discussed at the meeting but what I can assure you is that nothing is going to change,” said Moyo.

Perhaps allaying fears that he is trying to create two centres of power, Moyo said that if there is any change it would be for the better.

“The only change would be for the better; we are readying ourselves for the general elections,” he stated.

Guma Moyo added that the Central Committee led by President Ian Khama was following the National Development Plan as adopted by government. He said that only Khama could direct that the central committee be briefed by his ministers.

“The President chairs the central committee and at his discretion he may request members of cabinet to brief the central committee and other party structures at different levels,” Moyo said.

Cabinet ministers are appointed by the President and only he can remove them from office.

There are also suspicions that under the new arrangement the party central committee might ultimately have an input on who should be appointed to cabinet.


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