Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Mpote sees bright future for Under 20 lads

Botswana’s national Under 20 assistant coach, Teenage Mpote, has expressed confidence about the team saying a bright future lies ahead. Speaking to the Telegraph Sports after Botswana won a bronze medal on Saturday, after beating Malawi by a solitary goal in the losers’ finals, Mpote said if the team can be kept together and given all the necessary support it will go places.

“Definitely our team did well compared to the past competitions. We won a bronze medal after failing to do so in the past years. We did not prepare the way we wanted to but we managed to come up with something. Most of our players were writing their final examinations and we had to wait for them. By the time they finished writing, the tournament was already at our door step” he said.

Mpote also said they will work hand in hand with the Botswana Football Association to help the team prepare thoroughly for 2013 African Championships qualifiers that start next year in March.

Mpote added that what gratifies him the most is that most of the players are still young and can still play for the next two to three editions of the tournament.

“What we are doing is to build a very strong team in the future. From all these players, there is only one who is 19 years, while the rest are between 16 and 17. This means they can still play for several Under 20 competitions and by the time they are over 20, they will be in excellent synch,” he said.

It is the second time that Botswana has reached the semi-finals of the tournament after many years of trying. The first time they did it was two years ago in South Africa. This year they managed after performing disastrously last year on home soil.


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