Friday, March 24, 2023

MPs gobble P2.5million

The secret salary increment for Members of Parliament (MPs), effected early this year will cost government an additional P2.5 million, according to fresh information from the government enclave.

Information contained in Finance Minister Kenneth Matambo’s supplementary estimates of expenditure from the consolidated and development funds shows that parliament has put in a request for an additional P2.5 million to augment the original provision under its basic salary account. The request for additional money follows the adjustment of salaries and allowances for members of Parliament including that of the Speaker and her deputy that was effected at the beginning of April this year.

Finance Minister, Kenneth Matambo who requested the money on behalf of parliament said the additional money will be sourced from the consolidated fund. Parliament has already approved the request as part of the “rushed” financial paper No 2 of 2015/2016. Following a six percent increase in salaries of public servants in April this year, Parliament secretly approved a hefty increase of close to 40 percent for the President, Vice President, Leader of Opposition and Members of Parliament.

Information passed to Sunday Standard early this year relating to salaries and allowances of the National Assembly shows that after the passing of the National Assembly Salaries and Allowances Amendment Bill of 2015, President Ian Khama’s salary was increased by 26 percent to P651, 348 per annum. Vice President Mokgweetsi Masisi also had his salary increased as he now pockets P501, 216 per annum or P41, 768 per month. On the other hand, cabinet ministers and the Speaker now earn P439, 656 per annum which translate to P36, 638 monthly. The leader of Opposition, Duma Boko has his new salary pegged at P30, 891 per month or P370, 692 per annum, on par with that of assistant ministers and Deputy Speaker, Kagiso Molatlhegi.

Ordinary Members of Parliament also had their salaries hiked by at least 32 percent from 201, 565.00 in 2014 to P266, 460 annually effective May this year. Under the new salaries, the chairpersons of parliamentary committees will receive a daily allowance of P59.31 if the committee conducts business on a day that Parliament is not sitting. The Members of Parliament have also had allowances such as constituency, hospitality, communication and acting allowance increased by six percent. 


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