Friday, August 12, 2022

MPs want gov’t to effect passed motions without delay

MPs on Friday expressed their dissatisfaction with government for taking too long to effect successful motions that were thoroughly discussed and passed by parliament.

The MPs said the government was leaving them in the lurch by not implementing bills passed despite unequivocal support given by the responsible ministers.

Contributing to the on-going motion that seeks parliament to resolve that debt collectors be brought under the supervision, direction and monitoring by the Registrar and Master of the High Court, as is the case with deputy sheriffs and court bailiffs and messengers of court, Palapye MP, Boyce Sebetela, said the government is not only failing the legislators but the public for whom these laws are meant.

He said the government has the tendency to shelve parliamentary passed motions and bills, citing the 2003 New Company Registration Bill, which received unanimous support from parliament but, to this day, was never effected.

The former cabinet minister expressed concern that the same would happen to the bill under debate, notwithstanding its importance and the nature of its seriousness.

“The Bill should be effected forthwith,” he said.
Sebetela said the motion under debate was crucial, as it would protect both the indebted and debt collector. He advised parliament that when dealing with the bill, parliamentarians should look at both sides of the coin and to stop lambasting the debt collectors. He reminded parliament that the public must shoulder a share of blame.

“Parliament must maintain the balance when dealing with the motion as the public too have a part to play as they have a tendency to live not according to their means,” he said.

He gave the example of a Motswana he knows who owes almost every “Machonisa” around town.
The parliamentarian advised legislators to teach the public to learn to pay other people to avoid embarrassment and for lenders to be advised not to lend individuals too much just so that they collect a lot of accumulated money later.

Sebetela further suggested that debt collectors must have a minimum training and qualification and added that he agreed with the other parliamentarians that most debt collectors are unscrupulous when it comes to depriving ordinary persons of their hard earned properties with some even collecting properties that do not belong to the debtors.

Specially elected MP, Botsalo Ntuane, also supported the motion and called for the government to forthwith implement the motion.
He too advised the legislators to look at both sides of the issue. Other MPs who contributed in support of the motion included Khumongwana Maoto of Francistown South and Phandu Skelemani.


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