Sunday, April 18, 2021

Mpule’s sandwhich business anchored on faith

With the sephatlo sandwich, you can’t go wrong, says Ronnie Amen Mpule. Every day, Mpule makes his living by selling the sandwiches to big and small companies in Commerce Park.

Company executives and labourers alike buy his polony, Russian, cheese, tomato and lettuce sandwiches. He also sells the meal at several filling stations in Gaborone.

Mpule says he uses 20 loaves of bread a day for the sandwiches, with the fresh produce he uses as ingredients costing him less than P300.

“I like this business,” he says. “It makes me feel creative and important. As a supplier, I see my sephatlo business taking me to greater success.”

Mpule, a born-again Christian, believes God gave him the ability to do this business and says he will always thank God, even though there are challenges that he comes across.

Some people even tell him things that discourage him, but Mpule says he will never give up because of his faith.

While he is the sales and marketing agent for his business, Mpule says he does not own a car, but hopes he will do so one day.

The lack of a car does not disturb his business as he uses taxis to deliver his orders to customers. He also does a lot of walking from one office to another while marketing his business.
A bicycle, he says, is out of the question because he believes he is bigger than that.

The ultimate professional salesman for his business, Mpule stresses that his faith ensures that he trusts that he can crush any challenge that comes his way. He believes prosperity will come out of his still growing business.


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